Is your Child(ren) in Need of a Mentor?

Boys of Sustainable Strength Mentoring (B.O.S.S)  is a free program in Camden, New Jersey. It was created in response to the need for children..........

These at-risk youth are seven times more likely to become involved in the criminal justice system at some time in their lives. Research shows that quality mentoring can make a difference.


Our mentoring program can help reduce first-time drug use and alcohol use, increase regular school attendance, improve grades and benefit caregiver and peer relationships. Help make a difference in the life of youth in our community

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a structured, consistent and purposeful relationship between a young person and a caring adult who provides acceptance, support, encouragement, guidance and concrete assistance to promote healthy child/youth development and student success

*Research shows that mentoring:

Enhances Academic motivation and achievement

• Improves School Attendance

•Strengthens Communication Skills

• Improves attitudes towards school and the future

• Increases bonding at school and at home

• Reduces classroom behavior problems

• Reduces the likelihood of drug use

• Reduces the likelihood of violence

*Watershed Study, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Public/Private Ventures, 1995

Registration will take place every 

August - September


December - January.

African-American male adolescents who did not have a father figure but had a male mentor reported earning 214% more during adulthood than youth without a father figure and without a mentor.




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