Jeffrey Goode, BS

Board Member  & Program Coordinator

Jeffrey Goode grew up in the East Camden section of the City. He comes from a single parent home, raised by his Grandmother.  He went to Davis Elementary, St. Joseph Pro Cathedral, and graduated from Pennsauken Technical School. Growing up as a child, he attended Urban Promise after-school programs up until High School; this played an active role in building ethics and working with others. Jeff is a father of a beautiful girl and the eldest of five siblings. 

    Growing up in East Camden was very hard in the 80s and if it was not for a strong support system it would have been easy to get caught up. He was always ambitious and a go getter. That was something he learned young, making a promise to be the first in his family to graduate college. 

After graduating high school, he went on to the University of Hartford and later graduating from DeVry University in Electronics Engineering Technology. He has worked as a Peripheral Operator, Field Service Engineering, and in the Health-Care field. His sudden career change came in the form of following his heart and perhaps a calling from above. Jeff realized that he liked heling/working with people, especially the youth within the city. He wants to make sure that he can be a positive role model and make sure they have more opportunities than he and his friends had in the City of Camden. 

    Jeff chose to be a mentor because he knows how it feels to have a support system when there are no male figures in your life. Having a place to go to take your mind off the hardships and struggles of life makes a big difference. Just having someone that you know will not judge you and want to see you succeed without putting a price tag on it is priceless. Jeff knows what it feels like to grow up in the City of Camden and what it takes to make it. He also learned that one decision can change your whole life. 

His goal and mission to teach boys that “accountability” is what it takes to succeed and overcome adversity. 

His quote he came up with is “Patience is a major key to concentration.” Which simply means taking the time to think fully and clearly about something helps you make the best decision possible. 

God is Good!