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Our Program Focus Areas

B.OS.S. Mentoring focuses on the following 5 areas:

This is more than just getting good grades on a report card. We support mentees in being able to think critically, formulate important questions, study diligently, and demonstrate their knowledge clearly.

We are passionate about providing mentees with diverse and rich experiences that expand their perspectives of what's possible. From visiting foreign lands to hiking in the woods, our hope is that mentees will learn to be adaptive and resilient as they interact with ever-changing settings and circumstances.

Financial Literacy

A Boss is someone who not only earns money but also makes intelligent decisions about how to spend & invest money. We engage mentees in classes and activities focused on entrepreneurship, creating a budget, valuing your time and energy, and making purchases that truly align with your values & goals.

These are the keys to a rich and fulfilling life. From relationships & communication to domestic responsibilities & civic engagement to creative self-expression & lifelong learning. We aim to instill in mentees the skills needed to: enjoy loving relationships with friends and family; work harmoniously with other team members; maintain a comfortable home; participate in and contribute to their community; stay playful and curious as long as they live.

Physical & Mental  Health Awareness

Physical health is mental health. Our aim is to support mentees in learning how to care for their bodies and minds. We offer classes that focus on fitness & exercise, nutritious cooking & eating, as well as personal hygiene & cleanliness. In addition, we hold small group mentoring sessions, which provide opportunities for mentees to understand and regulate their emotions.

1 to 1 Mentoring

Our 1-to-1 program provides youth with a volunteer mentor who cares about them and takes the role of a stable, safe, and supportive adult figure in their lives.


Small Group Session
In & Out of School

Program matches students with mentors

in small groups for interactive group mentoring sessions.  


Community Service

Our community service outreach gives our youth a sense of pride in their community.


Field Trips

B.O.S.S. exposes our young men to different places and opportunities through a series of field trips which are fun as well as educational.

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