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Aerial View of Islands

These experiences push scholars outside their comfort zones and provide opportunities to explore the origins, philosophies, and dilemmas of modern democracies. As they explore the world, scholars face both the joys and challenges of international travel and cross-cultural communication. They are encouraged to take risks, overcome a fear of the unknown, and engage with foreign cultures.

International travel allows our global citizens to forge deep connections, both personal and theoretical, and to refine a multitude of skills that prepare them for life in college and beyond. Scholars develop cross-cultural awareness and communication abilities, independent and critical thinking, flexibility, humility, and an understanding of both domestic and global issues. Of equal importance, scholars gain an appreciation that there is no corner of the world to which they do not have access or in which they cannot be successful.


At B.O.S.S. Mentoring we believe that in order to change the world, first you have to see it.

Our Cultural Exploration Travel Program provides mentees with local, national, and international opportunities to see the world and themselves in it. Our program fosters a deep commitment to global exploration, understood by UNESCO as "a sense of belonging to a broader community and common humanity." By examining issues that matter to them, their families, their communities and the world, our scholars develop a curiosity about and responsibility towards the wider global society.

B.O.S.S. Mentoring's international travel destinations include:

2023 - Ecuador

This year our mentees were able to participate in our new international travel component when they visited the South American country of Ecuador for a cultural exploration excursion. The trip, which spanned for six days from May 18th to May 24th, included a tour of three different cities including Quito, Tena, and Papallacta.

Program Information

If you are a current BOSS Mentee and are considering applying or has been selected to travel on a international school trip, make sure you is ready to participate.

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